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Bring data from any application, database, and files in a single place. No more conflicted versions, outdated data, or lost spreadsheets - just a single source of truth for everyone.

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Your CRM application is loaded with precious data. Are you able to extract it out and compare it to your objectives?
Use our Salesforce or Hubspot connectors to get started right away. Or how about your projects in Basecamp and Smartsheet? Are you able to keep everyone up to date on the status of each project? Our smart business application connectors makes extracting the data a breeze.
For your financial data we have connectors for Xero and QuickBooks and many others.
For more information on some of them, click below:

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Measure your company’s social ranking and website stats with our Google Analytics connectors, Facebook and Twitter. Our easy to use data connection wizard will guide you into connecting your social media and analytics accounts to Camelus in just a few minutes.

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If you have a terabyte-sized cloud database in Google Big Query or Amazon RedShift or a relational Oracle or MySQL on-premise database and you want to bring some grouped data into a dashboard then we have the right solution for you.
With our Data Loader application you can connect to any database behind the firewall databases without compromising security.  Configure the data you need let our data sync engine take care of the rest.

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Files and spreadsheets will always be an important part of the way a business stores and transfers data.  They are the most basic of databases but the easiest to use and more common with business users.

We have a wide selection of connectors allowing you to easily import data from a variety of file storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Sheets, OneDrive or even from your desktop.

You can even send emails to Camelus with attachments and they will be automatically loaded into your dashboards.

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Our industry-leading Web Service Connector can connect to any API, REST or SOAP using any type of authentication, from Basic to OAuth2 or AWS Signature.
Even APIs that require parameters or macros can be used for full power and automation.  Parse the responses using XML, JSON or Delimited.
This connector is a powerful tool for any integration.

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